At all times we provide a large selection of the latest, trending options of granite, marble and quartz.   Visit our easy to access showroom in Brookpark, Ohio or contact us for our free estimating services in your home or business.  We're open 6 days a week, call or stop in to start the process of realizing your dreams for your next project.  


Shopping and buying stone online can be very difficult.  Colors, specfic traits of any slab and lighting can quickly change how the stone will appear in your home or business.   We highly encourage everyone to visit our showroom or provide our team with suggestions on desired stone types and colors.  During the intitial, free estimate our team will hand deliver a variety of samples based on your suggestions.  Thereafter, we highly encourage our customers to finalize the decision at our showroom because of the variances when seeing the entire slab that we would be cutting, fabricating and installing from.

How To Get Started:

1) Visit our Brookpark, Ohio showroom or call to schedule in-home, business estimate.  216-276-2407 or  We're open 6 days a week!


2) Finalize stone type choice along with edges and grinds you will want to include in your project.   Our showroom & warehouse offers full slab samples of numerous granite, marble, and quartz options.  


3) On the specified date, our experienced countertops fabricators will come out to your location to take measurements and to create an exact template of your countertops to ensure the best possible fit. You will need to be all ready by this date: all new sinks, faucets, cooktops and other appliances should be on-site for accurate measurements.


4) We will install your new countertops on the specified date, which are 5-7 days after the final measurements are taken.